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This is games for sale. You can buy 90+ games

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Childs game developer
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Hi, I am developing games. Many years ago, I started with the creation of web sites, worked with different people, and I didn’t feel that I was going in the right direction. Something always told me that I wasted my time

A little later I started to design. Yes, it may not be ideal, but with each new game you can observe the progression. Once I decided to try my hand at developing a games and ... I did it!

Now I have clients from different countries and in different parts of the world. I carefully approach each game, because I know that other people will play it and the presentation of the client’s product may possibly depend on the quality


Worked with countries

Ukraine, USA, Japan, Netherlands, France, Germany, Lebanon, Panama, Canada


I was created over 250+ games. Where 70% for order. Using Construct 3 engine


Of course, there are some things I can't do. Therefore, I have some limits:
1. Not working with 3D
2. I`m not studio, I not creating big games. Limit per one game - 50 hours
3. I have no Apple. So not working with Apple

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