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  • Limited support
  • No extra work
  • No port Construct 2 to Construct 3
  • Low priority
  • Games are low cost templates

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  • Support for each game question
  • Fast bugs fixing
  • Consultations
  • Lower price for bundle

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  • Best support
  • Reskining games
  • Port your game (2D) to Construct 3 (from any engine)
  • Your own custom game
  • Your own promo game
  • Modern solutions
  • Faster creation speed
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Welcome to the flikesgames.com. Here you can find games to buy in different genres, from puzzle games to casual games. By purchasing these games, you can easily integrate them into your project or use them for personal purposes, such as advertising. Many of my clients buy my games to showcase their product. It comes out quite impressively and modern. I made over 300 games, so I know how it working:) Here is you can see 90 games. This game only for sale, another games of my clients, so many games I just can`t even show.


Almost all of my games are built on the Construct 3 game engine. But note that older games are still in version 2, and it's already out of stock! You can`t buy this engine now. Fortunately, I am able to port games to the new version if you want to. I am developing games using symbiosis Construct 3 and javascript. This makes the games more accurate.

Why me?

I'm not perfect and that's true. Some projects are impossible to implement, for example 3D. I do not deceive people and at the stage of project consideration I say whether it is possible to create the game that you want. If I take on a project, then I guarantee its performance. I am pleased to make games that will be played by many people, and clients are always happy with my work. I just ready for a order the game.

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